the Mission

To share adventures and outdoor education opportunities with the local community of McCall, Id and beyond! Providing a safe, reliable, and highly educational outdoor experience for youth and adults alike. Our intention is to instill a sense of stewardship, appreciation, and connectedness towards nature. To promote self-growth and independence, and to educate the community about all things outdoors!


(no matter what your age!)

There is no quicker path to self discovery than challenging yourself in nature. Nature has a way of exposing our vulnerabilities; forcing us to examine them, to familiarize ourselves with them, learn how to put them to good use, and how to protect them when necessary. Spending a significant time in the outdoors has most definitely guided me through personal struggle and growth in a noteworthy way. The back country in particular, is an accelerated and inspiring learning environment. In the outdoors our strengths and weaknesses quickly float to the surface and we have to learn how to work with the tools we have, with our weaknesses, as well as our strengths. When survival is at stake, there is no hiding, no wallowing, no waiting for someone else to take care of the problem. There is action, perseverance, grit, and gratitude.

While being relentless, unforgiving, and humbling nature is simultaneously empowering, inspiring, and eye opening. The challenges we face in these outdoor experiences make us better equipped to handle the daily challenges in our lives and relationships. We step off the trail, peak, or climb with a better understanding and perspective of ourselves... and that is invaluable.